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In Conversation with Andrew White (FundApps)

Get a quick refresher on Funds Congress 2018, with Des O’Donohue and Andrew White of FundApps. 

In Conversation with Andrew White (FundApps)

Hosted by Des O'Donohoe

Video Transcription


Des O'Donohoe: Hi, guys, Des from Fund Recs. Today I am in London at the Fund's Congress, and today I've got Mr. Andrew White from FundApps.

Des O'Donohoe: So, Andrew, what is of most interest to you? It is absolutely manic here, by the way. Really, really busy. Awesome awesomely, organized event.

Andrew White: Great event. The first session over, I counted the number of times technology was mentioned. I think it was about 62. People that probably wouldn't have mentioned the word five years ago are suddenly all about technology.

Des O'Donohoe: Yeah.

Andrew White: People that probably don't know how to spell the words are really seeing that they have to do something about it. It's all about innovation. How do they use technology to reduce costs, improve their business? So, obviously that's music to our ears. We're all about technology.

Des O'Donohoe: Same, So, yeah. So like I said, at Funds Congress and I will keep you guys posted as the day goes on. Andrew.

Andrew White: Thanks very much.

Des O'Donohoe: Cheers.

Andrew White: Thank you.

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