Transfer Agency Reconciliations

The TA Bank Reconciliation ensures all investor activity has been accounted for and all investor money has been identified and processed. Our module reconciles cash transactions at the investor level and the movements between the operating account and the TA account.


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Ensure all money movements are accounted for.



Free up your time by focusing on exceptions, using rules-based automated matching.


Investor Summary

Rec summary provides a breakdown per transaction, so the TA knows what the balance relates to.



Segregation, reconciliation & daily calculation principles are adhered to.


Ensure complete and accurate reconciliation oversight.


Reconcile cash movements

The module reconciles all cash transactions at the investor level as well as operating and TA accounts. By monitoring and matching bulk movements between operating and TA accounts, you can ensure a complete reconciliation.

The Fund Recs process breaks the rec down into two steps: cash in and cash out. Our review page helps to reduce risk, by ensuring every cash movement has an approved transaction booked into the TA system.


Flexible Data Ingestion

Using our no code interfaces, business users can map any data file format, PDF, Excel, XLS, XML, CSV and more, from any data source. This fully automates the data ingestion and normalisation process.

Point and click functionality empowers users to easily map data from trade repositories, third-party administrators or internal accounting and portfolio management systems.

This is all done without coding, or any development support required.


Automated Matching

Using our rules-based engine you can set customisable tolerances to define matching and break criteria. Our Strategy Service gives users the ability to define rules based on any data point. Users can adapt the rules engine to unique data sets to increase automation.

The software also builds unique matching IDs so that more defined matches can be created which enables end-to-end automation.


Rec at transaction level

Recs can be completed per transaction type and currency. It’s easy to categorise and reconcile bulk money movements. On file import the data is split per transaction type, Subscription, Redemption, Distribution etc and added to the relevant category.

Once the rec is completed, you can gain access to detailed reporting at the transaction level. This ensures you can easily identify what transactions make up the balance and identify what transactions you were expecting that are yet to be received.


Configurable Reporting

Create the reporting that you need and that is most useful for your business.

Using the MIS dashboard and breaks pages, users can get an overview of all funds and reconciliations in one place. Using these pages, you can focus on rec items and resolve them, continuously building on the straight-through process or see investor level data.

Customisable and configurable output reports meet your needs and can be defined by fund, broker, team, or region.

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