SFTR Reconciliations

Fund Recs’ SFTR Reconciliation solution offers effective and efficient oversight by reviewing the quality of SFT data being reported to trade repositories.


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An end-to-end solution for reconciling SFTR data.


Regulation Standards

Ensure you meet the demand of the regulator.



Simplify your processes with flexible data ingestion and automated reconciliations.



Increase your speed to market with the rapid deployment of our solution using no code interfaces.


Maintain complete and accurate reporting.


DTCC Connectivity

Fund Recs’ connectivity with DTCC’s GTR service enables automated retrieval of trade data. This simplifies and streamlines the data mapping and reconciliation process.

Our partnership facilitates timely, efficient, and straight through data quality control by eliminating manual processes.

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Flexible Data Ingestion

Using our no code interfaces, business users can map any data file format, PDF, Excel, XLS, XML, CSV and more, from any data source. The process is fully automated from data ingestion to normalisation.

Point and click functionality empowers users to easily map data from trade repositories, third party administrators or internal accounting and portfolio management systems.

This is all done without coding, or any development support required.


Tailored Reconciliation

As SFTR is based on the reconciliation of different asset types, we can use the system to isolate the different reconciliation requirements for SFTs, repos and collateral.

The software will extract the data points required for each reconciliation.



Automated Matching

Using our rules-based engine you can set customisable tolerances to define matching and break criteria. Our Strategy Service, with enhanced matching and break creation logic, gives users the ability to define rules based on any data point. Users can adapt the rules engine to unique data sets to increase automation.

The software also builds unique security IDs and creates a global mapping table for OTC trades for end-to-end automation.


Audit Trail

SFTR reconciliation is an important regulatory requirement. A robust audit process is essential.

Every action within the system is tracked and we have audit trails to monitor approvals, reconciliations, template set-ups, account set-ups, teams, and user set-ups.

Notes, comments, and backup files can be added to all breaks within the user interface and are all retrievable at any time.

A full audit trail of all data loaded to the system is completed and historical data can be easily accessed at any time through the user interface.


Configurable Reporting

Create the reporting that you need and that is most useful for your business.

Using the MIS dashboard and breaks pages, users can get an overview of all funds and reconciliations in one place. Using these pages, you can focus on break trends and resolve them, continuously building on the straight through process.

Customisable and configurable output reports can be set up to meet your needs and can be defined by sub-investment manager, fund, broker, administrator, team, or region.

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