Position Reconciliations

Position Reconciliation verifies position data in the book of record against third parties such as brokers. It is essential for the completion of daily NAV calculations and our solutions automate the end-to-end process.


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Fast and accurate reconciliations.



Reconcile any two sources catering for Positions, Trades, Transactions, or balances.


Simplify Data

Data from any input file received is automatically extracted via prebuilt templates.


Auto Match

Auto match rules allow straight through reconciliations with a focus on exception-based review.


Fast and accurate reconciliations.


Fast Setup

Admin users will have the power to set up Teams, Users and Funds within seconds. Various Fund Options can be enabled to allow customisation of how the system will operate per Fund. This can all be done without relying on internal IT resources.


Flexible Data Ingestion

Using our No Code interfaces, business users can map any data file format, PDF, Excel, XLS, XML, CSV and more, from any data source. This fully automates the data ingestion and normalisation process.

Point and click functionality empowers users to easily map data from accounting systems, bank or broker statements, data vendors, or Investment Managers.

This is all done without coding, or any development support required.


Flexible Reconciliations

Reconcile all security types within the standard, futures, or forwards tabs. Reconcile at position level, lot level or by leg, incorporating equities, bonds, EDTs (futures and options) and OTCs (forwards and swaps).

The position reconciliation module also enables reconciliation between any two sources, including trade, transaction or other balances, catering for regulatory and payment reconciliations.


Auto Match

Users can add rules to allow rows to auto-match via multiple security ID’s, amounts and currency, with any difference above a tolerance reflected as a break. Breaks can have notes and comments added with basis point calculations and day counts reflected to show size and age.

For any rows that should match but do not have the same security IDs, users can manually match on day one, with the IDs saved to a global mappings table per fund. Once the IDs are accepted by a reviewer the rows will auto match on subsequent days, leading to renewed automation.



The status of each fund or account’s reconciliation can be viewed per team on a centralised dashboard. Break or Exception reports can be run per team, client, or fund so as to view a list of breaks at a point in time with all details required. The MIS page will show stats on how automated reconciliations are along with output reports on approval times and uploaded files

Audit trails can be run on every reconciliation to see who performed actions while all data uploaded to a rec can be downloaded at any time along with output reports per Fund.

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