Drive digital transformation via automation

Fusion allows business users to integrate data flows and automate processes across the enterprise, with no coding required.

Fusion Dashboard

What is Fusion?

Fusion is our No Code, data transformation platform which ingests and transforms data from any format to any format. Fusion enables business users to automate data processes across the enterprise without IT, lengthy development projects or the need for a single line of code.


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Connect your data source with no code



Any type of data in any type of format including PDF, SWIFT, XML, CSV, TXT or XLS.



Easy to use, no code software that allows business users to set up complex transformations.



Deliver your data wherever it is needed and in whatever format is requested.

Who is this for?

Trusted and used by the investment industry around the world. Our platform is for investment managers, global fund administrators and custodians, depositaries, auditors, banks, third-party UCITS management companies and AIFMS.

How Fusion can help you

Fully automate the flow of data across your organization.



Flexible data ingestion and automated output generation will streamline your processes.



Enrich data by combining internal and external data sources.



Automatically receive standardised, enriched data for immediate use in downstream processes.


Get the best out of data, whatever the format



Fund Recs’ Fusion engine allows for the creation of standardised, entirely customisable outputs to be generated from input file types of any kind.

This allows for a much greater efficiency when passing reports from multiple sources or in multiple formats to downstream systems, building further processes around a standard file format and when training users to become familiar with a reporting set.


Flexible Data Ingestion

Using our No Code interfaces, business users can map any data file format, PDF, Excel, XLS, XML, CSV, SWIFT and more, from any data source. This fully automates the data ingestion and normalisation process.

Point and click functionality empowers users to easily map data from any required source including trade repositories, third party administrators, Management Companies, investment research firms or internal accounting and portfolio management systems.

This is all done without coding, or any development support required.


Look Up Service

Using our rules-based Fusion engine you can enhance incoming data using any combination of static or dynamic data sets from internal or external sources. The lookup service functions to allow the system to pull in data from multiple file sources, static data conversion tables and API connections to ensure that the outputs produced meet all requirements for a process’ custom outputs.

The intuitive interface makes this a scalable and flexible way to enhance incoming data.


Audit Trail

The management and oversight of the flow of data is crucial. Having a robust audit process is essential.

Every action within the system is tracked and we have audit trails covering ingestion times, methods, manual involvement, schedules, templates applied, outputs generated, raw input files and more.

A full audit trail of all data loaded to the system is completed and historical data can be easily accessed at any time through the user interface.


The 4 V’s

Volume. Processes built on Fund Rec’ Fusion platform are entirely scalable allowing for a high Volume of data to be passed through the system

Variety. This data can come from a variety of sources in a number of formats, and each can be standardised, enhanced and output in the format required.

Velocity. The entire end to end process from automated ingestion to the delivery of customised reports happens almost instantaneously with the average process taking between zero and two seconds.

Veracity. The Fusion platform’s rules-based engine, lookup service and error handling allow for the application of any required logic or review to ensure that only correct and accurate information is being provided back within the generated outputs.

What our customers say

Fund Recs supports global clients with their digital transformations. We help to combine consumer user experience and interfaces with enterprise accuracy, security and availability.

The solutions provided by Fund Recs will work alongside our existing proprietary technologies and tools to make the process of auditing an investment fund more efficient and quicker, and will provide better quality data. This ultimately enables us to drive more meaningful insights for our clients.

Matthew Foley

Partner and Financial Services at Deloitte Ireland

We are very pleased to be partnering with Fund Recs. We fully embrace technology and innovation at Grant Thornton Ireland and we constantly look for fresh ways to move both our team and our clients forward by applying our Status Go approach. With this new partnership we look forward to evolving our service offering that ultimately adds value to clients. The team at Fund Recs are well regarded in the funds industry as innovation enablers and we believe that partnering with them will greatly advance our current service offering.

Colin Feely

Partner and Head of Financial Services Audit