Connect your data sources without code


Automatically process all file types including XLS, CSV, SWIFT, PDF, TXT, XML, DAT and more...

Recieve files via SFTP, FTP, API (availabe soon), Email or manual upload.


Use our visual tool and natural language rules to transform, combine and enrich your data. Replicate all the functionality that you use in Excel.

Filter, calculate and combine as many files and fields as you need.


Schedule output to generate in real time or wait for certain files to arrive.

Deliver data back in any format or file type.

Connect your data sources without code


Empower Everyone

Fusion gives you the tools to work with data in your organization regardless of whether you can code or not.

Automate Workflows

Automate the flow on inbound data between systems.

Customisable Output

Create your output in any required format. No more paying for interfaces on downstream systems.
Reconciliation software for the Funds Industry

Our clients include: