Cash Flow Monitoring

Cash Flow Monitoring (CFM) is a core function of a Depositaries oversight responsibilities. Our solution automates oversight, for an efficient, transparent and complete process.


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Ensure cash flows are properly monitored.



Free up time by focusing on exceptions, using customisable automated tolerances.



Oversight on all daily cashflows via dashboards, centralised exception reports and audit trails.



Track issues from identification to resolution easily via the user interface.


Ensure your CFM process is automated, transparent, and complete.


Flexible Data Ingestion

Using our no code interfaces, business users can map any data file format, PDF, Excel, XLS, XML, CSV and more, from any data source. This fully automates the data ingestion and normalisation process.

Point and click functionality empowers users to easily map data from bank or broker statements.


Customisable Tolerances

Using our Strategy Service page, business users can create customisable tolerances, per fund, against the amount, amount base, basis point, transaction type or description columns, or a combination of any of these. Lookup tables can be used to list out keywords or phrases that are acceptable or not.

The software will automatically apply the tolerances against all transactions in order of priority with the transactions moving to the ‘pass’ or ‘exception’ tabs on the UI. 


Live Dashboard

The dashboard shows a list of all funds within a team and their live status. Users will also be able to see a detailed breakdown of each transaction status, so they know where to take action.

Reviewers and management can ensure cash flow monitoring has been completed on all funds for each day from one centralised location.


Exception Management

Transactions that fail the tolerances set will be shown in the exceptions queue for the fund. All exceptions must be reviewed, closed out and approved. Backup attachments can be added along with notes and comments.

Any exceptions which need a period of investigation will be noted and left ‘open’. Open exceptions will carry to the next cash flow with a running day count. A centralised exception report can be run to see aged exceptions across a team, client, or funds at any point in time.


Audit Trail

Cash flow monitoring is an important regulatory requirement so having a robust audit process is essential.

Each action is tracked in the system, with audit trails to show overall cash flow and a full history of all actions on any individual transaction. 
Users can easily add notes, comments and backup files to all exceptions through the UI and access these at any time. Historical data is easy to find through downloads of bank, broker or NAV files. 

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