3-Way Reconciliations

Fund Recs’ 3-Way position reconciliation module provides peace of mind that all parties are using complete and accurate positions data. The module completes a 3-way reconciliation of data held by an investment manager with data held by the administrator and broker.


Companies we’ve helped



Consistent data across all sources.



Streamline reconciliation oversight across three parties with our end-to-end solution.



Quickly identify and analyse breaks with custom 3-Way reporting.



Support for equities, bonds, CFDs, CDOs, Swaps, OTCs, futures, and options.


Ensure all parties are working with accurate data


Enhanced oversight

For some managers, the oversight function isn’t complete until it can be proven that all parties are working with accurate data. By using Fund Recs, you can go beyond the traditional outsourced reconciliation model. Simplify complex 3-way reconciliations including manager's information and information held externally at the fund administration and broker or custodian.


Reconcile all Security Types

Reconcile all security types including but not limited to, equities, bonds, CFDs, CDOs, Swaps, OTCs, futures, and options. Fund Recs is asset type agnostic, so all securities can be handled within the same reconciliation.


Identify issues early

By adding the manager's data to the traditional model, firms can find data issues early and reduce the time and expense of finding and resolving breaks. Finding breaks early provides managers with the ability to proactively spot and resolve data issues before they hold up the striking of a NAV.


Custom Reporting

The purpose-built 3-way reporting developed by Fund Recs allows firms to quickly identify and analyse any data issues. Reports allow users to slice and dice all data to ensure that any relevant thresholds have been met and that any relevant data trends have been identified. The reporting capability of Fund Recs ensures that firms continue to increase efficiency with each completed reconciliation.


24/7 Support

One of the main pain points for many fund administrators and companies reconciling data is the lack of support for admin staff within existing systems. We offer a 24/7 support function that allows any system user to get in contact with a member of the Fund Recs team to help resolve any potential issues.
The average response time from the Fund Recs support team is less than three minutes. Unlike others who depend on unreliable bot technology, the Fund Recs support team consists of real-time employees with vast experience and knowledge of the system.

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