AIFMD Depositary: Developing an Operating Model

AIFMD Depositary: Developing an Operating Model

This whitepaper is co-authored by Shane Brett, Managing Director at Global Perspectives, an Asset Management and Hedge Fund consultancy and Alan Meaney, Director at Fund Recs, a specialist software provider to the Funds Industry.

During the past six months Shane and Alan have held discussions with 30+ depositary firms around their plans for implementing AIFMD and how their framework for day to day activities might look.

This document covers AIFMD from the perspective of a depositary and discusses some of the practicalities in setting up an operating model in order to comply with the directive on a day to day basis.

What you'll learn

  • The difference between Full Depositary and Depositary 'Lite'.
  • Each of the Directives requirements that apply to depositaries.
  • The operational considerations a depositary must look at.

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